Lucky Finders

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About the site

The folks at Lucky Finders are asking for a remodel, stay-tuned!

The search for rare

You're here anyway and you want to learn more about Lucky Finders. It initially began as a collectors and hobbyist website, and a huge emphasis on model cars and vinyl records. Though some brainstorming and a few months of logistical assessment later turned it into a niche market for old and hard-to-find items.

Broadening Appeal

Lucky Finders eventually found more sources for quirkier and albeit not-as-rare goods, but they do serve an important role in attracting more potential customers.

Specific Style

They wanted to give newcomers a feeling of trust and wholesomeness and at the same time brandish a more modern and professional aesthetic. The design incorporates a lot of colors considered 'lucky' and 'successful'. The site makes heavy use of caricature vectors, courtesy of our graphic designer.