Spectrum Drop

A fast score attack color-tile game with an explosive twist

About the app

Released back in 2017, Spectrum Drop was definitely a passion project. Created out of love for the medium of video games rather than malice of modern mobile gaming trends of siphoning credit card money.


The core gameplay involves dropping a row of colored tiles on the board to match 3 tiles of the same colors and score points.

sd gameplay 1

Once a column is filled all the way to top, and another tile is dropped onto it, the game is over. It's an attempt at the formula of 'easy-to-understand' and 'tough-to-master'.

Time Attack

sd mode

Spectrum Drop's main modes come in the form of time attack. From half a minute, to a minute, and 3 minutes. Scoreboards are separated by the respective mode selected.

Pixel Bombs

sd pixel bomb 1

The game has bombs as a form of powerup and are earned every 15 matches or so. They help tilt the odds in a tricky and/or difficult situation when there are very few color matches.

sd pixel bomb 2

Carpet bombs clear out and entire row of tiles, earned after a display of skillful color drop. Keeping bombs at the end of the game give out bonus points.


The game does have monetization in the form of banner ads at the bottom. These are few and help the game with its free price of entry.